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Farm job #3

Hello traveller. We’re running a blog series to help you find a farm job near Huonville. I’ve shared with you about Lucaston Park Orchards and Reid Fruits. Today I’ll tell you about a third place to earn your 88 days in the Huon Valley.

Hansen Orchards

Hansen Orchards is a large family orchard in the Huon Valley. They offer many jobs. Most of their work is outside with apples. You may be thinning apples, picking apples, pruning trees, and more.

If you work for Hansen’s, they usually pay you for each apple bin you fill. But for some types of apples, Hansen’s will pay you by hour. Hansen’s also offers a special deal — if you work for them for the full apple season, you will get paid extra at the end of the season for every single bin you picked! They like it when you stay around, and you will like being paid extra!

You can find out more about Hansen Orchards on their Facebook page. And you can apply for a job by emailing: admin@hansenorchards.com.au

Where will you stay…

Of course, you need a place to stay when you come to work at Hansen’s. You are welcome to stay at our hostel, Pilgrim Hill. Hansen Orchards is close to our hostel, and we run a free shuttle. Our rooms are $126 a week. You can book here.

Till next week, safe travels!

Hansen Orchards logo, with our beautiful island state in green, circled in blue with the name Hansen Orchards, and crossed by a red ribbon.
Hansen Orchards logo keeps the focus on Tasmania

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