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We’re back for another season

Hi Travellers! We’re back with our blog after our winter break. We hope to have another season of posts this year to help you plan your trip to Huonville and the Huon Valley.

Today we’re talking about free WiFi and where to find it. Unlike in many places around the world, it can still be hard to find free WiFi in Tasmania. So read on for tips…

Where is the free WiFi?

Have you run out of mobile data? Do you need to print some official forms? Here are some places for free internet in the Valley:

Huon Hub

10-12 (Noon), Monday-Friday
23 Main Street, Huonville

This is a community centre on Main Street in Huonville. You will find it between the big roundabout and the bridge, next to Subway. They have plenty of free parking. The space is very comfortable and there is also free coffee and tea for you. And, they have lots of free information about the things going on in our local community.

If you want more details, visit the Huon Hub page here.

Huonville Library

9-5 (9-17:00), Monday-Friday
10-12 (Noon), Saturday
1 Skinner Drive, Huonville

Our local library is also a welcoming place with free wifi. If you don’t have a computer or a phone, the library has computers you can use. And you can print out your documents here. Of course, you can also check out good books. 😁

You can find more details here.

Cygnet Library

2-5 (14-17:00), Monday
10-5 (10-17:00), Tuesday
1-5 (13-17:00), Wednesday
10-5 (10-17:00), Thursday
10-6 (10-18:00), Friday
27 Mary Street, Cygnet

Everyone loves Cygnet. The library in Cygnet is right in the centre of the charming town. You can use the internet, use a computer, and print documents.

The Cygnet library page is here.

Free WiFi with coffee and cake

If you want to buy a coffee or cake when you use wifi, there are also a lot of cafes near Huonville with free wifi if you buy something. Some of them are:

Free WiFi with your night stay

And if you need a place to stay with unlimited free internet, you’re welcome to stay with us at Pilgrim Hill. We offer low cost, off-grid, hostel accomodation for travellers like you. You can find out more here.

Till next time, safe travels!

Free WiFi is pretty important wherever you're travelling.
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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