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Where to church

Hello traveller! There are many lovely churches across the Huon Valley, in far south Tasmania. Today I want to share with you about three churches near Huonville which welcome travellers like you.

If you are a backpacker on a working-holiday visa, any one of these traveller-friendly churches may be good for you. I will list them in alphabetical order.


C3 is a Charismatic church. They are informal and focus on worship. They sing modern songs from places like Hillsong. And they meet at 2:30pm, Sundays at 8 Heron Street (a large scout hall in the middle of Huonville).

You can find out more about C3 church here:


Redeemer is a Reformed church. They semi-formal and they focus on teaching. They sing classic and modern songs, including hymns and Hillsong. And they meet at 10am, Sundays at 8 Heron Street (the same scout hall as C3).

You can find out more about Redeemer church here:

St James

St James is an Anglican church. They are more formal and they follow a liturgy. They sing classic hymns and some modern songs. And they meet at 9am and 10:30am at St James Church building, 1 Louisa St in Ranelagh (the church has beautiful yellow doors).

You can find out more about St James church here:

Where to stay…

All three of these traveller-friendly churches welcome backpackers from all over the world. You would be welcome at any of them.

And if you need a place to stay when you come to the Huon Valley, you can stay with us at our hostel, Pilgrim Hill. Beds are $20 a night or $126 a week. You can book here.

Next time I write will be in late January, as we take a break over Christmas.

Till next time, safe travels!

This is a picture of the scout hall in Huonville where two good traveller-friendly churches meet, C3 and Huonville.
The Scout Hall in Huonville, where C3 and Redeemer meet

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