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Another in our series

Today we have another post for you in our series: Backpacker Eats in the Huon Valley. We use this series to talk with you about great places to eat in Huonville, Cygnet, Franklin, Geeveston and beyond.

If you missed the first post, we told you about the Summer Kitchen, a bakery we love, which is great for vegetarians and vegans. You can read all about it here.

Today we will tell you about two places in the Huon Valley to eat food from around the world. Australians love to eat international food. In the small country town of Huonville you can find restaurants that serve very good Korean and Japanese food. In the smaller town of Franklin, there is delicious Turkish and Thai food. We would like to share with you two of our favourite places, which are not expensive and where you will be very welcome.

Tasty Japanese food

In the heart of Huonville is a Japanese restaurant with very tasty food. It’s called Alternative Japanese. They put special care into all their food, like real ‘bone broth’ with the ramen noodles. They also have a big drinks menu, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Japan.

Alternative Japanese is much nicer than fast-food, but you don’t have to dress up. And you can also call them to order take-away.

The restaurant is very easy to find. It’s at 15 Main St in Huonville, and it has a colourful banner out front and plenty of parking. They are open every day of the week for lunch, from 11:30am to 2:30pm (14:30). And they are open for dinner from 4:30pm (16:30) to 7:30pm or 8pm (19:30 or 20:00). You can find out more on their Facebook page.

Special Turkish Food

Further south in Franklin is one of our favourite places to eat in Tasmania: Cinnamon & Cherry. This restaurant is run by a friendly Turkish-Australian couple who grow many of the fruits and vegetables for the cafe in their own garden. They also make traditional Turkish pastries, ice-creams, breads, cold and hot drinks, vegetable dips, and meat dishes.

You will have to plan your visit because they are only open Wed-Saturday from 10am to 3pm (15:00). But this is a cheerful place to relax over brunch on the weekend, and Franklin is a lovely town to visit. Take a walk by the river and look at the boats. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

What about Australian food…

Next time I will share a few places in the Huon Valley to eat traditional & modern Australian food.

And if you need a place to stay while you’re here, you can stay with us at Pilgrim Hill. We actually share dinner together three times a week!

Till next time, safe travels!

This grilled teriyaki steak looks very very tasty. It's some of the amazing food from around the world you can find in the Huon Valley.
A picture from Alternative Japanese of their new Japanese-Australian fusion dish. Doesn’t it look so good!

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