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Hello travellers! We have already shared with you some of the best places to eat in the Huon Valley. We shared about food from around the world and about the Summer Kitchen bakery.

Today I will tell you about some places where you can find traditional Australian food.

Willie Smith’s Apple Shed, Grove

You might know of Willie Smith’s as a working orchard. They also have a very nice restaurant in an old wooden apple shed, with gardens. They have live music on Friday nights, and a Saturday market with handmade gifts and fresh farm fruit and vegetables.

In the restaurant you will find some traditional food, like toasties (toasted sandwiches) and slow-cooked lamb, and desserts like apple crumble and apple pie. You will also find modern Australian food, which is based on local, sustainable food. And they have very good ciders and other local brews.

If you are drive south from Hobart to Huonville, you cannot miss Willie Smith’s Apple Shed. It’s on the highway, a few minutes after you come down into the Huon Valley, on the right side. Here’s a map. They are open from 10am to 4pm (16:00) on Mondays–Thursdays. On Fridays they open till 9pm (21:00), for the live music. And on Saturday and Sunday they are open till 5pm (17:00). You can visit the Willie Smith’s website for more information.

The Commercial Hotel, Cygnet

Many people in the Huon Valley like this pub hotel. It gets called “The Bottom Pub”, which means it is the most southern pub in Cygnet.

If you go to a pub hotel, expect simple and filling meals like steak, chicken schnitzel, roast meat with vegetables, “bangers and mash” (sausages and mashed potatoes), burgers, and hot chips. In Australia, “chips” are hot fried potatoes, the same as “fries” in the USA. The Bottom Pub also serves vegan food, which is unusual for Aussie pubs!

This pub is at 2 Mary St in Cygnet. It’s open for lunch and dinners. You can read more about this pub on their Facebook page.

Tangaroa Kai, Huonville Esplanade

Tangaroa Kai is a food van which parks near the bridge in Huonville on the weekends. They serves fresh seafood and hot chips. You should go when it is warm and sunny enough to sit outside, and you can eat at the tables or benches near the river.

Fish and chips is a traditional meal for Australians to eat with their families when they go out. It’s usually wrapped in a large piece of paper and served with sauce (ketchup/tomato sauce). You might be surprised if they ask if you want “chicken salt”! This is a salt mix that tastes a bit like chicken stock or chicken ramen. Does that sound good? Try it and tell us what you think.

This food van is open from about 11 am to 7 pm (19:00) on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

Till next time, safe travels!

This is what fish and chips look like, a typical Australian food. But this picture is actually from South Africa. Close enough?
Fish and chips like this are a traditional Australian food. But it’s better if they don’t come in styrofoam! And the photo is NOT from Tangaroa Kai. It comes from Meelan Bawjee on Unsplash.

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