Hello and welcome, traveller!

We’re starting a little blog to help travellers like you enjoy the Huon Valley. Each week we will share a bit about the Huon Valley to help you plan your stay. We aim to write in simple English for working holiday travellers. But you’re welcome to read the blog whoever you are. We hope you find it helpful!

Who are we?

We’re a big family running a small, off-grid, Christian hostel called Pilgrim Hill. Our hostel is open to anyone from any background, including you. You can follow us on Instagram to find out more: https://www.instagram.com/pilgrimhill/

Where are we?

We are located in the hills of the Huon Valley, near Hobart and Huonville. And we’re near some major farms and orchards, including Lucaston Park Orchards, Hansen Orchards, Reid Fruits, Tassal Salmon Factory, and Willie Smith’s Orchards. So we’re in a really great location if you are on a working holiday visa and you need to earn your 88 days of farm work. We’re also in a great location if you just want to tour around the Huon Valley.

So, where is the Huon Valley?

The Huon Valley is a beautiful area of southern Tasmania, full of rolling green hills, vineyards, organic farms, apple and fruit orchards, native bush, national parks, and so much more. We’re the southernmost area of Tasmania, at the very bottom of the state. You can’t get any further south than the Huon Valley.

And where is Tasmania?

Tasmania is the island state of Australia, located about 420km (260m) south of the city of Melbourne. In fact, we’re the southernmost state in Australia. Which means, if you come to the Huon Valley, you’re in the southernmost area of the southernmost state in Australia. You’re basically at the end of the world! And it is beautiful down here, so you should come.

When you come

If you need a place to stay in the valley, you are most welcome to stay with us, at Pilgrim Hill! We offer beds at $20 a night or $126 a week. You can book at www.pilgrimhill.com.au. (If English is not your first language, our website is also in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Korean, and we’re hoping to have more languages soon).

Till next week, safe travels!

Peirce + Christina Baehr

Public domain photo of the Huon Valley from the Pilgrim Hill hostel in Lucaston, by Jordan Jarvela (2019)
Public domain photo of the Huon Valley from Lucaston, by Jordan Jarvela (Oct 2018)

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