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So you need a car…

Hello backpacker. Welcome to the Huon Valley of Tasmania, Australia!

Are you coming to the Huon Valley on a working holiday visa, to pick or pack fruit for 88 days? You may want to buy a car.

Good news — there are three good ways to buy a backpacker car near Huonville. I’ll list them below, in no special order.

Feel free to add more ideas in the comments below. Also, remember to have the car checked by a mechanic before you buy it.

1. The unofficial used car lot

In the heart of Huonville, there is a small lot with used cars. It’s not a business, just an empty, grass lot. You’ll find lots of used cars here during the traveller season.

When you find a car you like, text or call the number on the window. Then work out the price with the owner. If you don’t see a number on the window, the car is not for sale.

You can find the unofficial used car lot at 84 Main St in Huonville. It’s near Woolworths, at the star in the picture:

Huonville's unofficial used car lot
Huonville’s unofficial used car lot

2. Buying a car on Gumtree

You can also find used cars on Gumtree. If you’re new to Australia, you need to know about Gumtree. Gumtree is a website like eBay or Craigslist, where people sell their own things. You can often find amazing deals through Gumtree.

When you visit Gumtree, be sure to type in your location. The postcode in Huonville is 7109. You can easily find all the cars for sale near Huonville if you type 7109 in the location box.

You should also set your top price, so that you don’t see all the expensive cars. And you should set the area you want to search – 0km, 10km, 25km, etc.

I’ve created a search for you here. That search is for cars less than $6500 near Huonville (25km). Hope it helps!

3. The “huon area buy swap & sell” Facebook Group

Another great way to buy a car is on the Facebook group called “huon area buy swap & sell.” This group is like Gumtree, but local to the Huon Valley. Things sell very quickly in this group. In fact, when you sell your car, I recommend you sell it here.

But, you need to know that the group is private. Which means, you do have to apply to join the group. You won’t be able to buy or sell on the group until they let you join.

Here is the link for “huon area buy swap & sell”.

Where to park?

Once you find your new car, you will need a place to park. Of course you should park it at your hostel. But where is your backpacker hostel?

Good news, we run a hostel for travellers like you, called Pilgrim Hill. Beds are $20 a night or $126 a week. If you need a place to stay, come book with us. We even have a car park lot for your new car. 😉

Hope you find the right car! And again, feel free to add more ideas in the comments below.

Till next week, safe travels!

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