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Looking for a place to stay?

So you are a backpacker on a working holiday visa. You’re planning your time in Tasmania, and you need a place to stay near Huonville, in the beautiful Huon Valley. Maybe you’ve come to work at Reid Fruits, Lucaston Park Orchards, or Hansen Orchards, and you want to find a home near Huonville while you earn your 88 days.

You are in luck. There are four working backpacker hostels near Huonville.

Favourite β€” Pilgrim Hill

I’m going to start with my favourite backpacker’s hostel, Pilgrim Hill. It’s my favourite hostel because we run it. 😁

Now of course, it’s no surprise that I love our hostel. But if you come and stay with us, I think you will love it too. Our current Google rating is five stars.

At Pilgrim Hill, beds are $20 a night or $126 a week. That means, if you stay a week or longer, you pay just $18 a night. And we don’t have a minimum stay. You’re welcome to stay just one night. Pilgrim Hill is a Christian non-profit. That means we’re not trying to make money, so we can keep our costs low and care for our guests.

We offer a free shuttle to local farms and to Huonville. We have free showers and free wifi. And we even offer a free shared dinner β€” yes, dinner! β€” three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

Our hostel is in a beautiful place, on the top of a hill looking over the Huon Valley. We are on 10 hectares (26acres) in the authentic Australian bush. So there are plenty of amazing wild animals to see, and the stars are amazing at night.

Plus, we are sustainable. In fact, we are the only 100% off-grid hostel in Tasmania. Our power is from the sun, our water from the pure Tasmanian rain, and our warm rooms are heated by a wood-fired boiler.

And we have walking trails, a wood-fired pizza oven, a shared vegetable garden, a beautiful outdoor kitchen, large individual lockers, and many more lovely things to enjoy.

But one of my favourite things about our hostel is that you will find family. Every year backpackers come to Pilgrim Hill from all over the world. They come as strangers, and they leave as family. When you’re travelling the world, alone, and a long way from home, it’s always great to find family!

If you need a home in the Huon Valley, we would love to host you. You can find out more and book here.

Three More Hostels

Now we can’t host everyone at Pilgrim Hill β€” we are a small hostel. But there are also three large backpackers near Huonville you can consider:

You can search reviews for these hostels on TripAdvisor (Little Devil, Balfes Hill) or Google (Little Devil, Balfes Hill). There aren’t reviews for Flash Packers yet.

Any of these hostels may be a good choice for you if you want to stay at a large backpackers with lots of people during your working holiday.

Of course, you’re more than welcome to book with us if we have space!

Till next week, safe travels!

The Pilgrim Hill sign, welcoming you to the property when you first arrive.
Our welcome sign, by Jordan Jarvela (2018)

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