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How to See an Aurora in Tasmania

By Christina Baehr | 03 Dec 2021

Do you want to see an aurora when you visit Tasmania? In this post we tell you how to see the Southern Lights.

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Finding Free WiFi/Internet in the Huon Valley

By Christina Baehr | 29 Sep 2021

We’re back with the monthly blog after our winter break. Today we’re talking about free WiFi and where to find it.

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Backpacker Eats in the Huon Valley — Eating Food Out, Australian-style

By Christina Baehr | 31 May 2021

Today we tell you about three places where you can find traditional Australian food in the Huon Valley…

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Dish from Alternative Japanese

Backpacker Eats in the Huon Valley — Food from Around the World

By Christina Baehr | 30 Apr 2021

Another in our series to help backpackers like you find great places to eat in the Huon Valley. Today we look at Alternative Japanese and Cinnamon & Cherry

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Backpackers, here’s how to drive in Tasmania

By Christina Baehr | 29 Mar 2021

This week I bring you some tips for how to drive safely to your farm job on our country roads.

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An echidna like the one in the picture is just one of the wild animals you can find on Pilgrim Hill and in Southern Tasmania.

Finding wild animals in Southern Tasmania

By Christina Baehr | 27 Feb 2021

Tasmania has many special wild animals. Backpackers like you come to Tasmania hoping to find them. Here are some great ideas to see them…

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Getting around Huonville and the Huon Valley

By Peirce Baehr | 30 Jan 2021

When you come to Huonville in Tasmania as a backpacker, you need a way to travel around. Here are six ways to get around the Huon Valley.

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3 Traveller-friendly Churches near Huonville

By Peirce Baehr | 12 Dec 2020

Are you a traveller in the Huon Valley looking for a church? Today we share about three traveller-friendly churches near Huonville.

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Finding a Farm Job in the Huon Valley — Hansen Orchards

By Peirce Baehr | 28 Nov 2020

Welcome to our simple English blog about the Huon Valley. We write this blog for backpackers on a working holiday and for other travellers like you. Farm job #3 Hello traveller. We’re running a blog series to help you find a farm job near Huonville. I’ve shared with you about Lucaston Park Orchards and Reid Fruits. Today…

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