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A FREE glowworm cave

Tasmania is a wonderful place to enjoy nature and the Australian bush. You can buy amazing tourist adventures. But there are also many ways to enjoy our wilderness without having to pay for more than a parks pass.

One of our favourite places is Mystery Creek Cave, in the far south of Tasmania, near the Ida Bay Railroad. You can take a great guided tour at Hastings Cave and enjoy the beautiful glowworms there. But if you are traveling without much money, you can enjoy the glowworms at Mystery Creek Cave for FREE!

It’s a beautiful walk (1 hour) and the caves are very easy to explore. The caves even have sections for beginner, intermediate, and advanced explorers, so there is something for everyone. And there are so many glowworms to see!

Take care of your safety

Whenever you are walking in the bush, it is important to remember a few small things for your safety.

  1. Read and follow signs and instructions on the walk.
  2. Tell a friend where you are going and when you plan to be back.

At Mystery Creek Cave, there is a place to sign your name when you start and leave the walk, so that the authorities know you are not lost. Remember to sign your name at the beginning AND the end of your walk, or the police might send people to look for you!

What to Bring

It’s cold in the caves. Even on a very warm day for the walk, you will find the cave cold. So be sure to bring something warm to wear in the cave.

There’s also water in the cave, so make sure you have good shoes.

And, you will need a light. Your phone light should work. There are signs inside the caves explaining which areas are safe for you. But do make sure to turn off your light sometimes, stay still, and look up, so you will see the glowworms.

More Information

You can find more information about Mystery Creek Cave, and a map, here: https://tastrails.com/mystery-creek-cave/

You can buy a parks pass, for free entrance to parks around Tasmania, here: https://passes.parks.tas.gov.au

And if you need a place to stay when you’re in the Huon Valley, feel free to stay with us at our backpackers hostel, Pilgrim Hill. You can book here.

Till next week, safe travels!

The beautiful bush walk to Mystery Creek Cave is about an hour return
On the walk to Mystery Creek Cave

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