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Another option for your working holiday…

Hello backpacker! We are running a series to help you find a farm job near Huonville. We want you to be able to earn your 88 days in beautiful southern Tasmania.

Two weeks ago we told you about Lucaston Park Orchards, a family run farm with good pay. Today we want to share with you about another farm. Actually, this one is a farm and a factory… a cherry packing factory!

Reid Fruits

If you like to work inside, away from the blazing sun, then Reid Fruits is a great choice for you. Reid Fruits offers jobs in Huonville from late November to mid February, depending on the season.

Most jobs are in the Reid packing shed, on the factory floor. If you get this job, you will be sorting and packing cherries with people from all over the world. Dress warmly – the shed is kept cold for the cherries.

You might also get a job making cherry boxes. This job is a lot less cold, but it’s harder to get. And if you like working outside, Reid Fruits also offers cherry picking jobs at local farms around Huonville.

You can find out more about Reid Fruits and apply here.

But where to stay?

Remember, if you need a place to stay, you can book at Pilgrim Hill, the hostel we run. We offer free shuttle rides to the Reid’s packing shed and to local farms.

Till next week, safe travels!

The Reid Fruits logo — it looks like a cherry because Reid's is well known for it's Tasmanian cherries.
Wonder why they have a logo like a cherry… 🤓

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